is pretty slick is a Science 2.0 project along the lines of OpenWetWare, but with a little tighter focus. They’ve got a section for contributing a project, and protocol section, and what I particularly like, a negative data section.

Content contribution and tool making kinda trade off one another, but all too often the cycle breaks not because the tool isn’t functional, but because it’s ugly. is pretty, looks functional, and it just so happens that I have some information they’re looking for.

Clearing up the confusion around citations of internet sources

Since I wrote that last post, it has become apparent that there’s a lot of confusion regarding citing material on the internet, which isn’t surprising given that there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the internet itself. Put your mind at ease, gentle reader, for clarity awaits.

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The three essential components of a good laboratory website.

synthesisMy colleague, Attila, asked me months ago what are the components of a good laboratory website. However, my thoughts remained incomplete until I read David Crotty’s post at the CSHL blog that I was able to form an answer, and even then it took me two long comments to get my thoughts straight.

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