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How to create a Twitter list using the command line Twitter client, t, on Windows.

Hashtags are nice, but I wanted to be able to dynamically create and delete Twitter lists as well & I found the t Ruby client which allowed me to do this. Here’s how to get it going from a blank … Continue reading

03. September 2014 by Mr. Gunn
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Cities make people unhappy

Glaeser, Gottlieb, and Ziv have a economics working paper in NBER (not Open Access, unfortunately) in which they report their assessment of the happiness of various cities across the US. Vox has a nice map which makes the point pretty well, but I had to grab the data and take a look for myself. Continue reading

05. August 2014 by Mr. Gunn
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How to root & install a custom ROM on the AT&T Nexus S running Android OS 2.3.4 (Windows or Ubuntu 11.04)

I grabbed one of the free Nexus S phones that Best Buy was giving away, and since for my last phone I was too far into using it before I thought about rooting, I wanted to be sure to start this one off right, so I literally rooted before I even put the sim card in. This was my first time rooting, so I still had to synthesize the method from a bunch of sources, filter out the sketchy sounding “download my super cool ROM from my .ru server and you’ll get 8 times the battery life” posts, and fill in the gaps with educated guesses. The actual process itself is really simple, looking back at it. This basic process will probably work for most Android phones if you get the right recovery image and ROM for your phone. Continue reading

11. August 2011 by Mr. Gunn
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Criticize tag clouds if you must, but this does give you a good summary of my research at a glance

This is kinda cool, too: I added the biggest 10 words from the wordle as page tags, and the Mendeley “Related Research” plugin in the left sidebar pulled in the major papers which influenced my work. This isn’t an entirely … Continue reading

17. February 2011 by Mr. Gunn
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Real innovation in scientific publishing

Many attempts have been made to re-imagine a scientific article, but just adding semantic markup or visualizing the document in a different way has never quite felt right. Previous efforts have felt like they’re just trying to prop up a … Continue reading

10. May 2010 by Mr. Gunn
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Public anywhere is public everywhere.

There are three parallel stories flowing past me via Tweetdeck and on Friendfeed right now: One story is about Facebook and their hubristic attempt to declare everyone’s personal information public. Another story is a librarian debating whether it’s OK to … Continue reading

08. May 2010 by Mr. Gunn
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If I published in or reviewed for PLoS, I’d be pissed off too.

Cameron Neylon responds to the allegations that PLoS is a pay-to-play vanity press: That an author pays model has the potential to create a conflict of interest is clear. That is why, within reputable publishers, structures are put in place … Continue reading

30. April 2010 by Mr. Gunn
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