Criticize tag clouds if you must, but this does give you a good summary of my research at a glance

Wordle: William Gunn's Research

This is kinda cool, too: I added the biggest 10 words from the wordle as page tags, and the Mendeley “Related Research” plugin in the left sidebar pulled in the major papers which influenced my work. This isn’t an entirely unexpected result, but kinda cool when things work like they’re supposed to.

Open Science

Taking a cue from my colleague Attila, I will be writing my dissertation via blog. My hope is that increased exposure, however slight, will improve the clarity of my thought and strength of my research plan through helpful comments and suggestions from readers. The extra scrutiny I am compelled to give this work before exposing it to the world will also serve as an additional impetus to get it right.

As I am now beginning to look for a postdoc, it doesn’t hurt to be visible to potential employers, either.
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