Claiming my blog on the new Nature Blogs.

Great work, guys! More on Friendfeed’s Life Scientists room.

05. November 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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Thompson Scientific has a closed science search engine.

They sent me a survey and asked me some simple questions, but I don’t think they asked me the right ones, so I’m going to give a free-form review here. I think it’s a great idea, and presents some features not available anywhere else, but it’s missing some important content, and like everything Thompson does, it suffers from some useability issues.
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24. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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Great news for the Louisiana research community – Charity Hospital to be converted to University Medical Center

Maybe there’s a chance I could end up back in this wonderful city and have a career, too.

In a monumental announcement made late this afternoon, Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine said he will recommend that the state build a 424-bed, $1.2 billion academic teaching hospital in Downtown New Orleans that will serve as the hub of a rebuilt medical corridor.

Referring to the DHH proposal, the head of Louisiana State University’s health care division, Dr. Fred Cerise, said, “They revised the business plan a bit based on population and some shift in the makeup of the population, but overall (they) agreed that if we’re going to change the model to more of an academic medical center then we’re going to need the capacity to not only fulfill the charitable mission but also have space for our faculty to see their private pay patients there as well.”

The new hospital will be instrumental in the revitalization of not only the health care industry, but also the entire medical district and Downtown New Orleans. It will serve as the main teaching hub for medical students, nurses, post-graduate residents and other allied health students from LSU and Tulane University. The new facility will be instrumental in developing the DDD’s “industries of the mind” initiative. Attracting members of the creative class, such as leading medical researchers, technicians, and practitioners, is critical for shaping Downtown’s economic future.

The HPS consulting firm’s assessment is less sanguine, but overall deems the success of the center “likely”. Just to help paint the picture of things, the projected patient mix is:

13-21% Medicare
33-35% Medicaid
39-52% indigent

19. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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I told you he was a Trojan horse

Way back when he was running for Governor of my fine state, I told everyone I could that Bobby Jindal was a Trojan horse for the religious right. I predicted that he was going to get right on the legislation they wanted. I thought he was going to go after stem cell research instead of evolution first, but I didn’t know what was going to happen with iPS cells in the meantime. Now look: Louisiana has a “protect the teaching of creationism” bill and he’s being considered as a VP candidate for McCain.

Quid pro quo, no?

17. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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Connotea, you’ve been good to me

Despite all that, you’ve been a little slow lately, and I found my thoughts wandering. Earlier today, I noticed a 2collab link, and, without thinking about it, clicked over to see what has changed since last time we met. Before I knew it, I was pulling in my publications via Scopus ID, tagging papers, and joining interest groups. I’m sorry, Connotea, but the speed was just so intoxicating that I went and exported my whole library from you and went to import it to 2collab. It seems my affections weren’t returned, however, as I was slapped with the following message:

Unable to import bookmarks: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: Could not execute JDBC batch update

Like a bucket of cold water, that returned me to my senses, and I came back to you, ol’ Buggotea.

16. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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I knew it could happen, I’ve seen it happen, I was watching out for it.

Despite all that, I just invited my entire addressbook to linkedin. After scowling at how everyone was selected by default and how there was no way to select only people who currently have accounts, I carefully went through the list and selected a small number of people. When I hit the send invitation button, the page re-loaded and told me I had to confirm my email address first, which I did, in a separate window. Then I hit the send button again, and IT SENT THE GODDAMN INVITE TO EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE ADDRESS BOOK MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A GODDAMN N00B!

I knew something like this could happen, I was watching out for it, and they still got me! The bastards!

On a positive note, I did take the precaution of creating a special forwarding-only address just for them, so I could redirect the forward to the trash if that becomes necessary. Half the emails bounced anyways.

12. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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Scintilla’s Conversations has been nicely updated

What Conversations does is to take an identifier, be it PMID, URL, or DOI, and pull in related information about the paper such as Postgenomic posts, Connotea bookmarks, citations, and related commentary around the web. Last time I looked, it was a bare-bones proof of principle, but I’m glad to see it’s looking like a proper webapp now. Great Job, Alf!

06. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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