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Public anywhere is public everywhere.

There are three parallel stories flowing past me via Tweetdeck and on Friendfeed right now: One story is about Facebook and their hubristic attempt to declare everyone’s personal information public. Another story is a librarian debating whether it’s OK to … Continue reading

08. May 2010 by Mr. Gunn
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A dialogue between a scientist and a catholic pro-life activist.

It’s not surprising in this melting pot of a nation, founded on religious tolerance, that people believe a variety of things. Neither is it surprising that some believers try to get other people to believe like they do. Southern Baptists, … Continue reading

24. May 2007 by Mr. Gunn
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Xeni Jardin put up an article about the candy meth craze.

The candy meth craze is a story I hear from time to time, always containing some comment along the lines of “it’s made to taste like candy, so little kids will get hooked”. It’s sad to see this kind of … Continue reading

09. May 2007 by Mr. Gunn
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K is for Kompressor

K is for Kompressor – Cookie Monster meets Einsturzende Neubaten. Cute and fuzzy in an goofy industrial sort of way.

17. February 2003 by Mr. Gunn
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