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Hot Portal Action

Two big portal plays recently: Scirus Topic pages and Google Knols. I don’t know if this is related to the recent Wikipedia infighting brouhaha, but it’s certainly timely. Wikipedia is great for what it is, but we do need something … Continue reading

15. December 2007 by Mr. Gunn
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Blogger is now supporting OpenID.

Not to be outdone, this blog is as well. If you have an account at Livejournal, WordPress.com, AOL/AIM, or Typepad, you’ve got an OpenID. There are also OpenID providers you can sign up with, or you can host your own … Continue reading

30. November 2007 by Mr. Gunn
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Prospectus for Research William Gunn Investigating the role of MSCs in repair of bone. Introduction The Adult Stem/Progenitor cells called MSCs were first identified by Friedenstein in 1976 1, and since then they have been found to have mitogenic, anti-apoptotic, … Continue reading

27. June 2007 by Mr. Gunn
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Google Ads are SO much better than Doubleclick!

Nobody will probably notice this but me, so I’ll point it out because it’s so cool. My top-of-the-page ads(which you can remove by clicking here) no longer come from ad.doubleclick.net, which I have blocked at the level of the HOSTS … Continue reading

25. February 2003 by Mr. Gunn
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