Great news for the Louisiana research community – Charity Hospital to be converted to University Medical Center

Maybe there’s a chance I could end up back in this wonderful city and have a career, too.

In a monumental announcement made late this afternoon, Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Alan Levine said he will recommend that the state build a 424-bed, $1.2 billion academic teaching hospital in Downtown New Orleans that will serve as the hub of a rebuilt medical corridor.

Referring to the DHH proposal, the head of Louisiana State University’s health care division, Dr. Fred Cerise, said, “They revised the business plan a bit based on population and some shift in the makeup of the population, but overall (they) agreed that if we’re going to change the model to more of an academic medical center then we’re going to need the capacity to not only fulfill the charitable mission but also have space for our faculty to see their private pay patients there as well.”

The new hospital will be instrumental in the revitalization of not only the health care industry, but also the entire medical district and Downtown New Orleans. It will serve as the main teaching hub for medical students, nurses, post-graduate residents and other allied health students from LSU and Tulane University. The new facility will be instrumental in developing the DDD’s “industries of the mind” initiative. Attracting members of the creative class, such as leading medical researchers, technicians, and practitioners, is critical for shaping Downtown’s economic future.

The HPS consulting firm’s assessment is less sanguine, but overall deems the success of the center “likely”. Just to help paint the picture of things, the projected patient mix is:

13-21% Medicare
33-35% Medicaid
39-52% indigent