I knew it could happen, I’ve seen it happen, I was watching out for it.

Despite all that, I just invited my entire addressbook to linkedin. After scowling at how everyone was selected by default and how there was no way to select only people who currently have accounts, I carefully went through the list and selected a small number of people. When I hit the send invitation button, the page re-loaded and told me I had to confirm my email address first, which I did, in a separate window. Then I hit the send button again, and IT SENT THE GODDAMN INVITE TO EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE ADDRESS BOOK MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A GODDAMN N00B!

I knew something like this could happen, I was watching out for it, and they still got me! The bastards!

On a positive note, I did take the precaution of creating a special forwarding-only address just for them, so I could redirect the forward to the trash if that becomes necessary. Half the emails bounced anyways.

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12. June 2008 by Mr. Gunn
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