Is this a new tactic of foreign scammers?

I just received a new email, in poorly written English of course, advertising jobs correcting “texts”.

We will provide you with the texts for our employees with the important information and you will correct the texts as an english speaking person and send them back to us.

Evidence the scammers are behind this:

  1. The email itself uses rather awkward sounding language.
  2. Scammers are known to use third-parties as unwilling intermediaries in their scams, so that when the angry fool goes to the address that he mailed his check, he finds only some idiot who thought he was “working at home” for a legitimate business, depositing mailed checks in the bank and receiving a salary.
  3. It’s always been easy to recognize a scam based on the ridiculously horrible use of language, even without considering the content. People are getting wise to this, so they need more natural sounding mailings.
      Plausible, right?

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