Oppose Louisiana Senate Bill 733, the Louisiana Science (mis)Education Act.

Please make it stop
I said I would say nothing more about the efforts of some legislators to encourage and protect the teaching of their religion in our schools, but now Louisiana, my state, has gone and done the same idiotic thing Florida did. This is a nakedly obvious attempt to drum up some poll participation from the values voters(see stem cells and the 2004 election).
In the words of The Gambit Weekly,

the last thing Louisiana needs now is to portray itself to the world as an intellectual backwater.

3 thoughts on “Oppose Louisiana Senate Bill 733, the Louisiana Science (mis)Education Act.

  1. I can’t stand this! I’m in La and this is the dumbest thing that La can do! We are already looked at as retards! This has to be stopped! Separation of church & state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. If enough people speak out about this, then hopefully the seperation of church and state will continue. If not, this is going to have to go to the supreme court as a constitutional issue (I know, that is such a huge hassle).

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