CoffeeBlog makes the Best of Blogs list at MSNBC!!

CoffeeBlog makes the Best of Blogs list at MSNBC!!

I know it’s just because the editor, Will Femia, decided to focus on medical blogs, and the field isn’t really all that big, but hey…it still counts as major media attention! He found my page linked from Lagniappe, and says:

One recent post that caught my attention is a discussion of a really cool idea for mixing text/audio translator tools with the XML program known as RSS which allows potentially wide distribution of Weblog entries. This leads to a vision of a future where we can sit in our cars and listen audio translations of our favorite blog feeds.

I thought it was a little far-fetched when I wrote about it. I was just pissed off at the moment at the Clear Channel radio monopoly and wishing I could get my favorite webcasts in my car, when I happened to read about AudBlog.

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