Colorful language ahoy!

  • People that post a second comment below their first solely as a spelling correction. If you can’t be bothered to spell it right the first time, just leave it alone. If you really care that much, learn to type better, or use Firefox. It spell-checks your form fields for you.
  • People that use @Name: before a comment quote. The @ doesn’t convey any more information than just Name:, and it’s not cute. Also, it’s retarded looking.
    How YouTube links are identified by instead of Often, I’ve already seen the video, but because it’s linked to like this, I have no way of knowing until I click through. I rarely bother.
  • Clicking on an interesting sounding link in my RSS reader to find that it’s a fucking podcast with no transcript. Look – I can read faster than you talk, it’s easier to get back to where I was when I get interrupted, and I don’t have to annoy other people around me who are working. About the only situation in which a podcast is convenient to listen to is if you’re commuting to work on the subway or something, so unless you want to restrict yourself to only people who live in New York/DC/Chicago/LA, provide a transcript.
  • Reading papers at Science Direct. Their enormous URLs break bookmarking services like Connotea, so you have to resort to bookmarking the pubmed page, but to get there you have to do a websearch on the title, find the search result that’s the pubmed page, then go the the summary page at pubmed to get the actual entry URL, select that, then add it to Connotea, close the three or so new windows it takes to do all this, then spend about another 30 seconds wishing rare and virulent tropical diseases upon the people at Elsevier responsible for this. Thompson, you and your service are guilty of this “walled garden shithole” approach too.
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