Mixing Science and Policy must be done with neutral regard to religion.

Murtaugh(no link because his block got hacked or moved and I don’t know where to) is dissecting a study by the National Cancer Institute on the effects of abortion on breast cancer risk. Overall, there is no correlation, as the study shows, however when you look more closely at the data reported in the NYT article, you find that cancer risk increases with the lateness of term of the abortion. According to his math, this results in a grand total of about 1700 more breast cancer deaths per year, or a 4.3% increase in breast cancer deaths per year. To put this in perspective, smoking kills a half a million directly, any many more through secondary effects such as starting fires. If you want to attack a problem that causes unnecessary death, attack smoking, not late-term abortion, which account for less than 10% of the abortions performed anyways.

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07. March 2003 by Mr. Gunn
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